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Inquiry reports

A list of the reports produced outside of the Office's scheduled work programme, as a result of the Auditor-General's decision to inquire into a public entity's use of resources.
AgResearch Future Footprint Project: our targeted review of the updated business case
March 2017: As a follow-up to our 2015 letter, which included the results of our review of the AgResearch Future Footprint Project business case, we have now reviewed the updated business case. The five matters we raised in our initial review of the Future Footprint Project business case have been addressed, to varying degrees, in the updated business case. Overall, we are satisfied that the matters raised in our earlier review have been adequately addressed.
Inquiry into aspects of Auckland Council’s Westgate/Massey North town centre project
January 2017: We looked into specific aspects of Auckland Council’s project to develop a new town centre in Massey North. One of the concerns raised with us was about the lack of transparency, in particular being unable to access information about the project. In our view, Auckland Council could have made more information about this development available. It is important that local authorities strike the right balance between balancing commercial sensitivity, maintaining legal privilege as appropriate and being open with ratepayers and elected officials. Such openness allows public discussion and debate, and is essential to supporting public sector accountability. This exercise has highlighted once again the importance not just of making good decisions but also of being able to show that good decisions have been made.
Inquiry into the Saudi Arabia Food Security Partnership
October 2016: We reviewed the history of why payments were made, the actions of New Zealand ministers and officials, the arrangements that the payments related to, and what has been achieved.
Response to request for inquiry into awarding a management contract for a hotel in Niue
7 September 2016
Defence Force personnel involvement with a commercial entity - Miltech
19 February 2016
Inquiry into Health Benefits Limited
October 2015: We looked at the costs and benefits of HBL’s work in the health sector and identified 11 lessons that might benefit HBL’s successors and other shared services programmes. HBL's difficulties included an ambitious and complex programme, inadequate communication with DHBs, a lack of timely and accurate information for HBL’s board, and no overall project management. Some DHBs’ commitment to change appears to have been limited. From early 2014, HBL's board improved relationships with the health sector and the governance and management of change programmes...
Request for inquiry into the regulation of the ancient swamp kauri industry
10 September 2015
Response to queries about recovery from the Canterbury earthquakes
10 July 2015
Auditor-General’s findings about AgResearch’s Future Footprint project
17 March 2015
Decision on request to inquire into Health Benefits Limited
15 August 2014
Inquiry into the Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Board: Follow-up report
May 2014: In this report, we look at the Board’s progress in responding to our recommendations. The Board has taken our recommendations seriously and has worked hard to address them. The action that it has taken has moved it onto a more sure administrative and legal footing. Overall, we saw much less to concern us during our follow-up work than we did in the period preceding our 2010 report...
Inquiry into property investments by Delta Utility Services Limited at Luggate and Jacks Point
March 2014: Delta lost about $5.9 million on the Luggate investment and has projected a loss of about $2.8 million for Jacks Point. The report identifies that there was too much focus on the likely profits and not enough consideration of risks of the market slowing or an exit strategy if things went wrong. It also suggests that Delta should have got independent advice before investing.
Inquiry into the Mangawhai community wastewater scheme
November 2013: This report describes how Kaipara District Council managed the Mangawhai community wastewater scheme between 1996 and 2012, as well as the role played by other agencies. The matters this report covers are long and often complex, but overall it is a woeful saga...
Summary: Inquiry into the Mangawhai community wastewater scheme
November 2013: This is a summary of our 420-page inquiry report. We describe how Kaipara District Council managed the Mangawhai community wastewater scheme between 1996 and 2012, as well as the role played by other agencies. The matters this report covers are long and often complex, but overall it is a woeful saga...
Inquiry into Mayor Aldo Miccio's management of his role as mayor and his private business interests
26 June 2013
Funding for Hon Peter Dunne
25 June 2013
Inquiry into decision by Hon Shane Jones to grant citizenship to Mr Yang Liu
March 2013: We found no evidence that there was any improper motive, collusion, or political interference in the decision to authorise citizenship for Mr Liu. However, we found reason to criticise most of those involved in different aspects of the decision-making process...
Inquiry into the Government’s decision to negotiate with SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited for an international convention centre
February 2013: We have seen no evidence to suggest that the final decision to negotiate with SkyCity was influenced by any inappropriate considerations. However, we found a range of deficiencies in the advice that the Ministry provided and the steps that officials and Ministers took leading up to that decision. The quality of support that was provided fell short of what we would have expected from the lead government agency on commercial and procurement matters...
Inquiry into aspects of ACC's Board-level governance
August 2012: Our inquiry found no evidence that Ms Pullar's approach to one of ACC's Board members affected her claim to ACC. However, the Board had no formal policy to guide Board members on communication with individual claimants, a deficiency it is rectifying.
How the Far North District Council has administered rates and charges due from Mayor Wayne Brown's company, Waahi Paraone Limited
August 2012: This report sets out our conclusions on our inquiry into the dispute between the Far North District Council and the Mayor of the Council, Mr Wayne Brown, about the rates and other charges owed by Mr Brown's company, Waahi Paraone Limited.
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