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Publications produced during 2003

This is a list of the publications produced in 2003 (the most recent items are listed first).
Inquiry into Expenses Incurred by Dr Ross Armstrong as Chairperson of Three Public Entities
December 2003: The matter of Dr Armstrong's expenses was the subject of a complaint to us by Hon Murray McCully MP following parliamentary and media comment. These events prompted us to instigate a detailed review in order to address more fully the issues raised...
Ministry of Health: What further progress has been made to implement the Recommendations of the Cervical Screening Inquiry?
December 2003: The Committee of Inquiry’s report, released in April 2001, made 46 recommendations for future action to improve the Programme. In this follow-up review, we found that progress is continuing to be made in implementing the recommendations...
Social Security Benefits: Accuracy of Benefit Administration
December 2003: In 2002-03, the Ministry of Social Development paid $11,743 million to over 800,000 beneficiaries. Given the very large sums involved, it is clearly important to ensure that payments are made accurately. An avoidable error rate of only 1% would represent a sum of approximately $120 million...
Auckland Region Passenger Rail Service Report
November 2003, letter to the Chief Executive, Auckland Regional Council.
Inquiry into Public Funding of Organisations Associated with Donna Awatere Huata MP
November 2003: In January 2003, Hon Richard Prebble MP, leader of the ACT New Zealand parliamentary party, asked the Auditor-General to inquire into certain allegations of financial impropriety involving one of his party’s list members, Donna Awatere Huata MP...
Co-ordination and Collaboration in the Criminal Justice Sector
October 2003: The core criminal justice sector is a good example of government agencies that must work together in the interests of effectively performing their role. We were encouraged by the efforts of the sector agencies to work together to a set of common goals. The agencies have also set up a number of arrangements for sharing knowledge and developing agreed strategies...
Managing Threats to Domestic Security
October 2003: In this audit, we set out to provide assurance to Parliament and the public that threats to domestic security are being adequately managed. Our unique mandate as auditor of the public sector enabled us to examine the wide range of arrangements in place to identify and respond to domestic security threats...
Key Success Factors for Effective Co-ordination and Collaboration Between Public Sector Agencies
October 2003: We used the findings from our examination of co-ordination and collaboration in the criminal justice sector, and the results of our analysis, to identify principles that can be used more widely for other agencies that are required to work together to meet the Government’s outcomes...
Annual report 2002/03
September 2003.
Local government: Results of the 2001/02 audits
September 2003, ISBN 0-477-18107-8.
Independent Review Of Westland District Council’s Economic Development Loan Processes
August 2003: The objective of this review was to assess the robustness and quality of the processes undertaken by Westland District Council, and Westland’s Working in considering and making decisions on applications for business loans...
Auckland Regional Council 2003/04 Rates
August 2003, letter to the Chairperson of Auckland Regional Council.
Inland Revenue Department: Performance of Taxpayer Audit
July 2003: Taxpayers need to know that there are efficient systems in place to ensure that all people pay their appropriate share of tax. Each year the IRD audits thousands of taxpayers to detect non-compliance with tax laws, and to deter potential non-compliance in the future. Taxpayer audits are a major part of the IRD’s work and involve 881 of its 4800 staff...
Industry New Zealand - Business Growth Fund Grant to The Warehouse
July 2003, letter to Mr Rodney Hide MP.
Management of Hospital-acquired Infection
June 2003: The idea of patients acquiring an infection as a result of treatment they receive strikes at the core of the health system. The Ministry of Health and DHB staff have acknowledged our audit as providing a baseline from which to improve infection control practices...
Report on the Disposal of 17 Kelly Street by The Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited
June 2003, letter to the Minister Responsible for Crown Research Institutes.
Central government: Results of the 2001/02 audits
June 2003.
Annual plan 2003/04
May 2003, ISSN 1175-8258.
ACT Parliamentary Party Wellington - Out-Of-Parliament Offices
May 2003, letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
New Zealand Defence Force: Deployment to East Timor — Performance of the Health Support Services
February 2003: This report examines the contribution of the variety of professionals from all three Services (Navy, Army and Air Force) who provided Health Support to the East Timor Deployment...
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