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Publications produced during 2004

This is a list of the publications produced in 2004 (the most recent items are listed first).
Ministry of Defence and NZ Defence Force: Further report on the acquisition and introduction into service of Light Armoured Vehicles
December 2004: This is our second report about the acquisition of 105 Light Armoured Vehicles for the New Zealand Army. The findings are significant for capital purchasing in the wider public sector...
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise: Administration of the Visiting Investor Programme
December 2004: We looked at the establishment of the Visiting Investor Programme, the policies and procedures governing it, how it has operated, and its evaluation. We also examined the expenditure incurred, and considered whether or not it was appropriate...
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise: Administration of grant programmes
December 2004: We looked at whether the grant programmes were being administered effectively and efficiently, and in keeping with the policy parameters set by Cabinet. NZTE has not yet established a framework to ensure that, for each grant programme, consideration has been given to important aspects of grant administration...
NZ On Air's funding of NZ Idol
November 2004, letter to Deborah Coddington MP.
Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology's management of conflicts of interest regarding the Computing Offered On-Line (COOL) programme
November 2004: The findings of this inquiry into how CPIT managed conflicts of interest regarding the Computing Offered On-Line programme emphasise the need for public entities to carefully consider the ethical dimensions of conflicts of interest...
Inquiry into the Ministry of Education's monitoring of scholarships administered by the Māori Education Trust
October 2004: The Tertiary Education Commission raised concerns about the financial management of the scholarships by the Māori Education Trust, and the quality of the monitoring by the Ministry of Education...
Annual report 2003/04
September 2004.
Working for Families Communications Strategy
September 2004, letter to Hon Murray McCully MP.
Conflicts of interest - A guide to the Local Authorities (Members' Interests) Act 1968 and non-pecuniary conflicts of interest
August 2004: This booklet has been superseded. Please see our 2010 report, Guidance for members of local authorities about the local authorities (Members' Interests) Act 1968...
Local government: Results of the 2002/03 audits
June 2004, ISBN 0-478-18120-5.
Central government: Results of the 2002/03 audits
June 2004, ISBN 0-478-18119-1.
Annual plan 2004/05
May 2004, ISSN 1175-8258.
Local Authorities Working Together
May 2004: Working together can be a practical and cost-effective way for local authorities to share experience and resources, tackle common tasks, or take advantage of economies of scale. Working together can bring significant benefits that may not always be in the form of cost savings...
Accident Compensation Corporation: Case Management of Rehabilitation and Compensation
April 2004: The organisation is performing better now than it has in the past. Overall, we found no systemic failings in ACC’s case management practices. However, our audit identified areas where improvements can be made for the benefit of both ACC and claimants...
Good Practice for Managing Public Communications by Local Authorities
April 2004: Local authorities will have to determine what practical application they make of our good practice guidance in particular situations. We recommend that the adoption and application of the guidance in this publication be incorporated in a formal communications policy...
Māori Land Administration: Client Service Performance of the Māori Land Court Unit and the Māori Trustee
March 2004: This report looks at the client service provided to owners of Māori Land by the Māori Land Court Unit (within the Ministry of Justice) and the Māori Trustee Te Kaitiaki Māori (through the Māori Trust Office, which is part of Te Puni Kōkiri)...
The State Services Commission: Capability to recognise and address issues for Māori
January 2004: This report examines the capability of the Commission to address issues for Māori in carrying out its various roles and responsibilities. The Commission has positioned itself well to work alongside departments to build a Public Service that produces more effective outcomes for Māori...
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