Local Government

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What do we do?

The Local Government group manages the audit requirements for and the Auditor-General's relationship with:

  • Local government
  • Associated local government entities, such as CCOs and trusts
  • Environment, including associated Government Departments and Crown Entities
  • Energy, including associated Government Departments and Crown Entities, generators/retailers, and line businesses
  • Transport, including local authorities, airports, and port companies
  • Licensing trusts
  • Local community entities, such as cemetery trusts, hall boards, and racecourse trustees.

Key points of focus for the Group include:

  • Monitoring developments in the sectors listed above and advising the Auditor-General on appropriate audit responses. In doing so, the Group maintains close contact with audit service providers.
  • Reporting to Parliament, and specifically the Local Government and Environment Select Committee, on the results of the Office’s audit work.
  • Working closely with other Groups within the Office monitor developments and carry out other audit initiatives such as inquiries and performance audits.

The Group supports the Auditor-General’s role as Secretary-General of the Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions (PASAI) and as chair of the Regional Working Group on Environmental Auditing (an organisation of audit offices in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific that are interested in environmental auditing).

Group structure

The Assistant Auditor-General of the Local Government group is Andrea Reeves.

The other members of the Group are:

Secretarial and Administrative Support is provided by Rachel Wilson.

Page last updated: 11 July 2018