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Research and Development

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What do we do?

The Research and Development Group helps the Office to use its existing knowledge, to develop new knowledge, and to identify and solve problems with current products and processes. The Research and Development Group's responsibilities include:

  • gathering intelligence about emerging issues, new practices, and stakeholder needs
  • developing, integrating, and providing access to information and knowledge throughout the Office
  • acting as a catalyst in testing thoughts and ideas aimed at enhancing existing, or developing new, assurance products, processes, tools, and guidance.

Group structure

The Assistant Auditor-General of the Research and Development Group is Ann Webster.

The other members of the Group are:

  • Karen Smith (Director)
  • Marcus Jackson (Director)
  • Lesley Liu (Financial Analyst)
  • Edward Zhang (Data Analyst)
  • Bernie Del Prado (Assistant Analyst)

Page last updated: 12 October 2017

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Ann Webster, Assistant Auditor-General, Research and Development.

Ann Webster
Assistant Auditor-General, Research and Development