Author portrait picture Stronger together: the case for diversity and inclusion

In today’s fast-paced and changing world, we can’t do our best work without access to a wide range of views, knowledge, and experiences. So how does the public service make sure it gets that diversity? Melanie Webb recaps the latest Leaders Integrity Forum.

Author portrait picture When you can’t value the priceless

We’ve previously looked at the benefits of recognising heritage assets in financial statements. But what happens when you can’t confidently assign a dollar value to an asset? Lincoln Butler from our Accounting and Auditing Policy Team walks us through some options.

Author portrait picture Bouncing around at the top of the Corruption Perceptions Index

Each year that the corruption perceptions index score is announced, New Zealand seems to bounce between first and second place. When the table you’re bouncing on is a league table of the world’s corruption perceptions, bouncing between first and second is not so bad. In fact, it’s good news for the public sector here in Aotearoa.