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Understanding the data

Our work | Reporting fraud

This set of data begins from July 2012, immediately after our fraud survey was reported in June 2012.

We've grouped data into the broader categories or types of public entities and summarised:

  • the type of fraud;
  • the main reasons the fraud was committed; and
  • how the fraud was identified.

Because fraud can be complex, one incident could fall into multiple categories.

The types of fraud reported to us

We've tried to name the types of fraud as plainly as possible. If any of these categories need more explanation, please let us know. The types of fraud are:

  • theft of cash
  • theft of plant or equipment (e.g. computers or personal items)
  • theft of inventory
  • other thefts (e.g. intellectual property or identity crime)
  • fraudulent expense claim
  • fraudulent misuse of credit cards or fuel cards
  • false invoicing
  • payroll fraud
  • paying or receiving backhanders or undeclared gifts
  • other.

We will review the categories, and add more if need be, as the amount of data increases.

Page last updated: 1 November 2013

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