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Recent publications

The Auditor-General publishes 30-40 reports each year. These are the most recent.
Central government: Results of the 2016/17 audits
December 2017: This report sets out the results of our audit of the Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand for the year ended 30 June 2017 (the Government's financial statements) and of carrying out the Controller function.
Getting the right information to effectively manage public assets: Lessons from local authorities
December 2017: Elected councillors are expected to make deliberate and well-informed decisions about how best to manage the assets they govern. To do so, they need relevant and reliable information about those assets. As communities and environments change, the challenges that local authorities face are becoming more complex and so are the decisions that they need to make. We looked at how five local authorities approached identifying and gathering the right information on their assets. The five local authorities understood that having high-quality asset information, including a sound understanding of the condition of those assets, gives them more certainty when planning for maintenance and replacement.
Results of the 2016 audits of tertiary education institutions
November 2017: We summarise the results of the tertiary education institution audits for the year ended 31 December 2016. We provide a brief introduction to our audit work and an update on timeliness and completion of the 2016 audits. We also report on the types of audit opinions we issued, and note the main matters we identified from our audits.
Auckland Council: Working to provide customer-centred services online
November 2017: As part of our regular reviews of Auckland Council's service performance, this report looks at how the Council is working to improve the services it provides to Aucklanders and make them easier for people to use. The Council has a programme of work called the "Customer-centric Transformation programme", which puts many of its services online. We looked at how the Council was managing the programme, and at two of the projects in that programme.
Ministry of Health: Supporting the implementation of patient portals
November 2017: This report looks at how well the Ministry of Health supported primary health organisations and general practices to implement patient portals. Patient portals are secure websites that allow people to access their personal health information and interact with their doctor. Through patient portals, people can send secure messages to their doctor, order repeat prescriptions, and, in some patient portals, view lab results and doctors' notes.
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