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Health reports

A list of reports, articles, or published letters about public entities in the health sector or health-related matters.
Ministry of Health: Supporting the implementation of patient portals
November 2017: We looked at how well the Ministry supported primary health organisations and general practices to implement patient portals (secure websites that let you access your health information and interact with your doctor)...
Mental health: Effectiveness of the planning to discharge people from hospital
May 2017: We focused on people experiencing mental health problems acute enough that they were admitted to hospital. Although a relatively small group, their acute and often complex health problems mean that they can need a large amount of care and support from the country's health services...
Health sector: Results of the 2014/15 audits
August 2016: In general, district health boards are doing reasonably well at marshalling their resources for current operational needs. However, our analysis of their financial statements for successive years suggests that their planning for the future and ability to deal with uncertainty or changing circumstances is limited.
Collecting and using information about suicide
June 2016: Public agencies collect and use some information well to help them support those affected by suicide and find ways to prevent it. For example, reliable and detailed mortality statistics are kept on suicides and there is a rapid advice system in place for coroners to tell district health boards about suspected suicides in their area.
Home-based support services for older people: Follow-up audit
June 2016: The Ministry’s progress in implementing national home-care quality indicators has been slow and it is currently working to produce a better set of indicators. The Ministry has strengthened infrastructure that should help it to better collect and use performance information to monitor the quality of home-care once national indicators are in place.
District health boards’ response to asset management requirements since 2009
June 2016: We found that standard asset management practices, like knowing, monitoring and reporting on the condition and performance of assets and having integrated asset, service, and financial plans do not seem to be standard practice for more than half of DHBs. We also found that, since 2009, fewer than half of DHBs showed indicators of asset spending and building up money to pay for future assets at levels we think characterise good financial and asset management.
Delivering scheduled services to patients
November 2015: Progress in responding to the Auditor-General's recommendation.
Inquiry into Health Benefits Limited
October 2015: We looked at the costs and benefits of HBL’s work in the health sector and identified 11 lessons that might benefit HBL’s successors and other shared services programmes. HBL's difficulties included an ambitious and complex programme, inadequate communication with DHBs, a lack of timely and accurate information for HBL’s board, and no overall project management. Some DHBs’ commitment to change appears to have been limited. From early 2014, HBL's board improved relationships with the health sector and the governance and management of change programmes...
Accident Compensation Corporation: Using a case management approach to rehabilitation
November 2014: The report finds that ACC needs to make changes to its case management systems and processes to ensure that it is effectively meeting people’s needs. ACC needs to look at how it uses and captures information about effective treatment and rehabilitation options, its internal quality review and coaching tools, how it communicates with people, how adequate and appropriate its case management services are for long-term clients with complex needs, and how it manages the transfer of clients between it and other public entities...
Decision on request to inquire into Health Benefits Limited
15 August 2014
Home-based support services for older people
June 2014: This article describes the progress that has been made in responding to the Auditor-General's earlier recommendations...
District health boards: Availability and accessibility of after-hours services
June 2014: This article describes the progress that has been made in responding to the Auditor-General's earlier recommendations...
Health sector: Results of the 2012/13 audits
May 2014: This report describes the results of our 2012/13 audits of entities in the health sector and our recent performance audit work to assess the effectiveness of particular aspects of the public health system...
Delivering scheduled services to patients
December 2013: This article summarises the progress that the Ministry of Health and district health boards have made in responding to the recommendations we made in 2011. Our 2011 report was about scheduled (or "elective") services (assessments and treatment)...
Regional services planning in the health sector
November 2013: This report looks at how well regional services planning is working in practice. The Ministry of Health and district health boards have put effort into creating the conditions for success, but regional services planning is not yet business as usual. Overall, we expected to see more tangible examples of services that were planned regionally rather than at a district level, and more evidence that the expected benefits were emerging ...
Evolving approach to combating child obesity
June 2013: We wanted to understand the public sector’s approach to combating child obesity, but the Ministry of Education and Sport New Zealand no longer focus on obesity to the extent they have in the past and the Ministry of Health was evaluating new ideas and approaches to combating obesity. These changing circumstances limited what my staff could usefully audit...
Health sector: Results of the 2011/12 audits
April 2013: ISBN 978-0-478-41017-4 (print), ISBN 978-0-478-41018 (online).
Effectiveness of arrangements to check the standard of rest home services: Follow-up report
September 2012: We carried out a performance audit to assess the progress that the Ministry of Health and district health boards have made since we published our December 2009 report, Effectiveness of arrangements to check the standard of services provided by rest homes.
District health boards: Quality annual reports
June 2012: In this paper, we discuss characteristics of annual reports that we consider are necessary for good accountability.
Summary of our fraud survey results for district health boards
April 2012: Cleanest public sector in the world: Keeping fraud at bay.
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