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Housing reports

A list of reports, articles, or published letters about housing and housing agencies.
Using information to improve social housing services
December 2017: People who need social housing can be some of the most vulnerable in our society. A significant proportion require social services, including for medical, mental health, and addiction conditions. It is important for Housing New Zealand to have a good understanding of tenants' needs and its role in supporting them. This report looks at how well Housing New Zealand uses information to manage tenancies, maintain houses, and manage and invest in new and existing social housing.
Earthquake Commission: Managing the Canterbury Home Repair Programme - follow-up audit
December 2015: EQC has continued to manage some things well. These include the management of actual repair costs, the management of health and safety, securing reinsurance, and high levels of surveyed customer satisfaction with the quality of repairs immediately on completion of the repairs. Despite the improvements made, EQC could still learn better from complaints and improve its customer focus and interactions.
Queenstown Lakes District Council: Managing a conflict of interest in a proposed special housing area
October 2015: We found that the chief executive’s involvement did not influence or contribute to any substantive aspects of the Council’s policy for special housing areas. The Mayor and Council took appropriate steps to manage the conflict of interest. The chief executive took no part in recommendations or decisions about special housing areas after declaring his interest. We also found that the conflict affected the chief executive’s ability to advise the Council about special housing areas and provide leadership to council staff in this area.
Auckland Council: How it deals with building consents
April 2015: Overall, Auckland Council is performing its responsibilities as a building consent authority reasonably well. Its internal quality assurance procedures are sound, with systems and technical audits carried out routinely. It has a good standard of internal reporting of workflows and how well it meets targets...
Government planning and support for housing on Māori land
December 2014: This article describes the progress that has been made in responding to the Auditor-General's earlier recommendations...
Earthquake Commission: Managing the Canterbury Home Repair Programme
October 2013: In our view, the Earthquake Commission's (EQC) performance to date has been mixed. It has performed well in managing repair costs and setting the home-repair programme up quickly, but has not performed as well in dealing with homeowners. Although efficiency is clearly important, this report is a timely reminder for EQC and others that being in the public service means serving the needs of people ...
Using development contributions and financial contributions to fund local authorities’ growth-related assets
August 2013: In their long-term plans, local authorities set out their forecast growth, proposed land use, and the infrastructure that might be needed in at least the next 10 years. We have reviewed how five local authorities use “growth charges”, such as development contributions and financial contributions, to fund the assets that they will need for the growth that they expect ...
Part 7: Managing leaky building liabilities
Local government: Results of the 2011/12 audits.
Part 8: Managing leaky home liabilities
Local government: Results of the 2010/11 audits.
Government planning and support for housing on Māori land
September 2011: We examined the effectiveness of government support for Māori seeking to build housing on their land. We found that, despite good intentions, the process to build a house on Māori land is fraught. Lessons have not been learned from past attempts, so the initiatives are not effectively targeted and the processes are not streamlined...
Part 3: Managing leaky home liabilities
Final audits of Auckland's dissolved councils, and managing leaky home liabilities.
Article 8: Accounting for leaky homes liabilities
Local government: Results of the 2009/10 audits.
Part 4: Local authority exposure to liabilities from leaky home claims
Local government: Results of the 2008/09 audits.
Part 4: Local authority exposure to liabilities from leaky home claims
Local government: Results of the 2007/08 audits.
Housing New Zealand Corporation: Maintenance of state housing
December 2008: We carried out a performance audit to provide Parliament with assurance about the effectiveness of the systems and processes Housing New Zealand Corporation uses to maintain state housing...
Part 10: Local authorities' exposure to liabilities from leaky home claims
Local government: Results of the 2006/07 audits.
Housing New Zealand Corporation: Effectiveness of programmes to buy and lease properties for state housing
June 2006: Housing New Zealand Corporation provides state housing to more than 190,000 people, and controls assets valued at more than $11 billion. With the allocation of more funding to meet housing needs – particularly in Auckland – we decided to audit the programmes used to acquire properties for state housing...
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