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Speeches and papers

A list of speeches and papers by staff (present and former) of the Auditor-General.
Public Audit – Achieving Better Public Accountability
September 2001 (PDF, 23 pages, 223kB).
Accountability Requirements for Sub-Entities of Local Authorities
June 2001 (PDF, 23 pages, 234kB).
What is the state of public sector reporting, and what is it saying about public sector management?
July 2009: Auditor-General Kevin Brady's address to the managing and measuring performance seminar on 20 July 2009.
Spending public money wisely and well: how to put basic principles into practice
August 2008: A copy of the slides and the supporting paper presented by Nicola White at the New Zealand Law Society's CLE Ltd Administrative Law Intensive.
Forecasting and reporting performance: The search for the Holy Grail?
February 2008, speech made by Kevin Brady, Auditor-General, at the After the Reforms Conference in Wellington.
Making good use of resources
October 2006, article published in the Chartered Accountants Journal and reproduced here by kind permission of the Editor of the Journal.
Funding for results - what does the Auditor-General expect?
November 2005, paper prepared for the Office of the Community and Voluntary Sector's Good Practice in Action conference.
The relationship between internal and external audit in the public sector
November 2005, speech made at the IIA New Zealand Conference.
Managing conflicts of interest in the public sector
November 2005, presentation to the LexisNexis Public Sector In-house Counsel Forum.
Conflicts of interest involving Members of local authorities
April 2005, presentation to the 4th Annual LexisNexis Local Government Legal Forum.
Risk-based approach to contracts
July 2004, paper prepared for the Conferenz 5th Annual Internal Audit Forum.
Transparency and accountability in Government decision-making: devolved service delivery
May 2004, paper prepared for the Conferenz 6th Annual Public Law Forum.
Streamlining non-financial performance reporting
Paper by Ann Neale and Lyn Daken, May 2000.
Performance reporting for accountability purposes - lessons, issues, future
Paper by Ann Neale & Bruce Anderson, March 2000.
Legislative compliance in the public sector
July 1998.
Budgeting and accounting issues - New Zealand
April 1998.
A New Age for Public Auditing
July 2001, Robert Buchanan and Kevin Simpkins introduce the Public Audit Act 2001 (PDF, 4 pages, 62kB). Originally published in the Chartered Accountants Journal and reproduced here by kind permission of the Editor of the Journal.
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